Orchard Toys At the Stable

Orchard Toys At the Stable

The Orchard Toys At the Stable is a very detailed and interesting puzzle and was a gift for our little boy on his birthday. It has 75 pieces and admittedly he cannot complete this one on his own yet although I am sure he will be able to do so very soon.

I encourage him by asking him questions about different areas of the puzzle, for example, where is the brown horse? What does he eat? Where are his Rosettes? and from there I get him to look for the pieces and we piece it together. He really enjoys this even though it is a large puzzle. It is so detailed and I think even children who don’t know anything about horses will enjoy this fun all inclusive puzzle.

This will definitely be a long lasting puzzle and as always the quality of Orchard Toys Puzzles is great so I know it will with stand toddler handling.

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