Cutetitos Carnivalitos Collectible Scented Soft Toy (Styles Vary)


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“Cutetitos are ready to celebrate their new theme ‘Carnival’ in style and with great carnival-inspired scents! Collect 10 all new animalitos in adorable prints and fun new carnival-inspired food wraps! Cutetitos Carnivalitos are adorable, super-soft, stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in food-inspired blankets (like french fries and cotton candy) ready to be unrolled and discovered! To find out if your Cutetito’s personality is yummy, so yummy, extra yummy, or super yummy, just check out its “hot spot” – a carnival ticket shaped icon you can find on its hip! You will also get 1 of 4 unique food-inspired wraps – french fries, popcorn, cotton candy, and funnel cake! From a Dogito to a Slothito and even a Leopardito, there are 10 brand new Cutetitos to collect in fun new patterns! Some are SUPER RARE – can you find them? A pet collector card is included with additional information about your new pet including its species, name, birthday and “hot spot.” Collect them all! Key Features: Discover NEW Cutetitos Carnivalitos Series 1, with all new animals, fun new fabrics and surprise food-inspired wraps! Unroll to reveal your new soft pet and everything about it! Cutetitos Carnivalitos features 10 collectible animals including a Dogito, a Slothito, even a Leopardito and more! Each Cutetito has a personality “Hot Spot” in the shape of a carnival ticket – is yours yummy, so yummy, extra yummy, or super yummy? The pet collector card will tell you everything you need to know about your Cutetito – including its “Hot Spot,” birthday, species, and name.Suitable for ages 3+Approx Dimensions: H 5cm x W 9cm x L 20cm “

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