Tiny Trolls of Norway

Our children have recently been lucky enough to have been introduced to this great new brand.  I believe Tiny Trolls of Norway is the new innovative way to dress your children.  A fantastic simplistic appealing design.  Our son will not take his Tiny Trolls of Norway hat off his head.  It is very warm and with a classic design of a bobble on top makes it irresistible to a four year old.  Inside it is beautifully lined with soft fleece material which is very warm and soft against their head which is perfect for cold weather and for them wearing the hat for any length of time.

Bobble Hats

Our children enjoy being outside and that is what this Tiny Trolls of Norway brand is all about.  Our children can play outside all day wearing these high quality clothes.  I have never really understood how to dress the children suitably for outside play without them becoming too cold or sweating.  Wearing Tiny Trolls of Norway clothing allows them to be warm and dry but without the bulkiness of additional layers.

Tiny Trolls of Norway

Tiny Trolls of Norway is an exciting new children’s clothing company putting fun and functionality into kids’ outdoor wear. Each garment is manufactured using materials known to be kind to children’s skin, made to withstand multiple washing cycles without losing any colour or quality, and exclusively designed with children in mind. Rainsuits are completely waterproof and All Weather Coveralls offer protection against up to 10,000mm of water, outfits for younger wearers even have handy nappy-changing access!

All Season Coverall

Founder Elaine Kobbeltvedt has built her brand on the philosophy that there is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing, and her passion for getting kids playing outdoors has seen her establish an award winning family of nurseries. Her inspiration comes from a lifetime of caring for children and her passion, and flare, is reflected in this stunning line of clothes.

With Tiny Trolls of Norway you can kit out your kid for the cold, wind and rain without worrying they will overheat or catch cold. Their unique layering principle is key to helping parents dress their children appropriately all year round.

Tiny Trolls of Norway

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