Twoo Board Seat

The Twoo Board Seat is made to be compatible with the Bugaboo Wheeled Board and what a great idea. This really is the icing on the cake when it comes to convenience with a little one, they can stand, sit, jump on and off, they really do have the freedom.

The seat is very easy to attach to the Bugaboo Board and looks rather comfortable, not that I have tried it, weight is only up to 18kgs.

I have lost count how many times I have been stopped and questioned about my sons seat. I strongly recommend this for any person with a Bugaboo and a Bugaboo Board.

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Bugaboo Wheeled Board

Bugaboo Wheeled Board

The Bugaboo Wheeled Board is a great solution to strong willed little ones who don’t want to sit still in a buggy and would rather stand, look around and have the freedom to move.

The Bugaboo Wheeled Board attaches very easily on to the Bugaboo Bee, Frog, Gecko and Donkey (The Donkey does need an additional adapter). It glides along behind the buggy, but ensure that you pull up the handle to their full extent.

It only has one wheel which helps when you are going up and down curbs. My son thought this was the best thing as it is like a constant fairground ride, although as I was pushing him around I did feel rather guilty that I was expecting a lot of standing from a two year old as most children at his age are still in buggies.

I looked into this further, surely there was a solution out there somewhere. Ah ha, there it was, The Twoo!

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Bugaboo Bee

We had the Bugaboo Donkey for one year and loved every minute of using it.  But now was the time to move on, yes you heard my husband cry, no not another one, oh yes I said.  Our little boy was now wanting to walk everywhere but couldn’t really walk too far so he was in and out of the buggy like a yo yo.  I had a look on line and I found the city buggy, oh yes another Bugaboo, this time I wanted the Bugaboo Bee as I saw that you can have a buggy board on the back.

Fantastic just what my inquisitive son needed so back to Mothercare we went.  There was the Bugaboo Bee, looking small, stylish, lightweight and wanting a new home.  The lightest of all buggies, you can push with one finger although not advisable with your little one in it.  This bugaboo Bee is so easy to put up and collapse.

The seat can be fully reclined, can face towards you or outwards and has three reclining positions.  There is an adjustable handle and the shopping basket underneath holds a lot of shopping.  Although our little girl was not a new born you can buy the Bugaboo Bee Maxi Cosi Car Seat Adaptors which easily fit on.

So after a lot of persuasion my husband finally agreed and we were soon awaiting our delivery.  As with all the other Bugaboos you can have any colour sun canopy, I felt I could not have a buggy called a Bee without having black and yellow, so we have a black seat, a yellow sun canopy and yellow footmuff and they both wash beautifully.  To accompany this buggy we bought the Bugaboo Wheeled Board for our two year old son.

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Bugaboo Donkey

When we found out I was pregnant again and my first baby was just six months old searching for another buggy for me was easy.  I had my mind set on another Bugaboo, it had to be!  The Bugaboo Cameleon was such a fantastic buggy, surely they must sell one which carries two children, and yes they do, the Bugaboo Donkey.

Off we went to Mothercare again and there was the four by four of all buggies and it had my name on it.  These are the reasons why I loved it so much.  You are able to purchase a Maxi Cosi car seat adapter which fits on easily to one side of the buggy, left side or right side your choice, so transporting the new born baby is very easy.  Whilst the other side can be the pushchair either facing you or facing outwards.  If you would like the new-born baby to be in the carry cot again this can be put on the right or left side.  If you only have one of your children with you then you can just have any of the options above but rather than the full width you can make the buggy narrow and have a side shopping basket.

There is plenty of room underneath the buggy for shopping and a nappy bag.  This Bugaboo Donkey glides around even though you are pushing two children.  When the baby is too big for the carrycot then you can make it into an additional pushchair seat.  You again have the choice if one or both of the children facing you or outwards.  The Bugaboo Donkey is a double buggy but still fits through most shop doors.

Similar to the Bugaboo Cameleon it has large wheels so pushing over rough terrain becomes easy, the front swivel wheels are lockable and again like the Bugaboo Cameleon it adapts from four to two wheels for snow and sand.  You can choose your colour fabric for that personalised touch but we chose all black as we were not sure what sex baby number two would be and we wanted the buggy for his/her arrival.

The Bugaboo Donkey folds up and down very easily and has adjustable height handle bars.  The Bugaboo Donkey was easy to assemble and a perfect buggy for two children of the same age or like ours 15 months apart.

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Bugaboo Universal Footmuff

We originally had a Bugaboo Red Footmuff with our Bugaboo Cameleon. We then changed to a Bugaboo Black Footmuff with the Bugaboo Donkey and now we have a Bugaboo Yellow Footmuff with our Bugaboo Bee.

They are perfect for your little ones to keep them warm on cold days especially when they fall asleep. You can just zip the fabric up around them without worrying that blankets falling off. The front part can detach leaving a warm seat liner as well.

The current yellow Bugaboo footmuff has been washed several times and looks like new once dry. There are many colours to choose from so you can match your original fabric or try something new.

This Bugaboo Universal Footmuff is also compatible with Bugaboo Frog, Gecko and Buffalo as well as the three buggies we have owned.

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