Places to visit in Surrey


Neither my husband nor I have visited Chessington for at least twenty years. To say it’s changed is an understatement and we all had such a fun day!

Chessington is perfect for all ages and they are one step ahead with free Wi-Fi (a very good signal) throughout the whole of the adventure park.  There are plenty of thrill seeker rides for the older children and I must admit that I went weak at the knees just looking at them.

Needless to say that my favourite ride is Bubble Works (our children thought it was really fun too).  After many years, the bubble tubs are the same with the magic still there with all the water features. Just remember to take a plastic bag to sit on as the seats can be rather wet.

Bubble Works

Chessington offers a lot for all ages and the zoo area is well worth visiting.  We spent a lot of time wandering around looking at animals.  There are plenty to see and our children thy were fascinated looking at the lions, tigers, gorillas and porcupines.




My son and husband had a great time on the Zufari.  A great way to explore Africa without stepping on a plane!!  They saw the pink flamingos, ostriches, giraffes and many more.


Our son thought it was so good that he begged us to go on again.  Within “Africa” we went on Toadies Cars where the children steered the cars round the scene of Toadies Garden which was great fun for us all.


There is the large aquarium and again some fantastic sea life to observe.  The children love looking at fish and we were impressed at how big it is.


We visited The Vampires Burger Kitchen for lunch which was quick and easy.  The food was good and the restaurant exceptionally clean.  For pudding we visited the rather large sweet shop in The Market Square where we over indulged in many different sweets from the huge selection.

We all had a fantastic day at Chessington and will be returning very soon.

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Little Street

Little Street

Need somewhere different to go with your little ones?  We came across this great little village this morning.  A fantastic idea which was right up our street, Little Street.  We wanted somewhere different to go and that is exactly what we found.  Frimley railway station in Surrey has been converted into a small village called Little Street.

We spent a lot of time watching our two dressing up and performing on the stage.

Little Street 7

The costume range is fantastic, there are choices from dragons to princesses with a few Disney characters thrown in too.

Little Street 6

We then went back into the main village where they practised their digger skills with small diggers picking up foam rocks and placing them in a box, of course whilst wearing their hard hats and hi vis jackets.

Little Street 4

Just opposite the construction site they decided to go shopping, whilst one shopped the other was working on the checkout.

Little Street 3

After all this hard work it was time for a cuppa.  So off we went into the play café where there is everything from a panini grill to an espresso machine.  Again they had such role play fun.  Our son then decided it was his turn to go into the doctors surgery whilst our daughter was pretending to be Postman Pat.

Little Street 5

They soon joined forces again at the play hairdressers before venturing into the race track whilst dressing up as policemen and playing good cop, bad cop round the track.

Little Street 1

There is a great red fire engine in the middle of the track where your little ones can play on.

Little Street 2

Obviously there is a lovely little adult café within Little Street where they serve delicious coffee and sweet delights!

A different and unique place to visit oh and parking is free at weekends too!

Address: Little Street Limited, Station Approach, Frimley, Surrey, GU16 7QH

Telephone: 01276 423100

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In the Night Garden Live

In the Night Garden Live

As we approached the purpose made Showdome, both of our two children started screaming with delight as they saw all the In the Night Garden characters on the fencing outside. Little did they know what was in store for them.

In the Night Garden

Upon entry we were informed where the toilets were and they were very clean and had steps up to every sink making it easy for the little ones to wash their hands.  We visited on the hottest day of the year and yes it was very hot in the show dome but they had thought ahead. Free water, huge great fans and they were giving out smaller plastic fans which were very effective.

In the Night Garden

We started to queue but not for long before we were allowed in to the seating area.  As you walk through there is a safe area to leave your buggy before being shown to your seats.  The auditorium is very well designed ensuring that all children get to see the stage clearly and there is very easy access in and out in case your little ones need the toilet.  It is designed as long benches and therefore easy for little ones to stand if they wish or sit on your lap.

In the Night Garden

Throughout the show there is a very relaxed atmosphere as all the adults seem to have a mutual understanding for the other parents and children.  Even the smallest of the children were mesmerised for the whole 45 minutes (which is plenty long enough!) and all were very excited to see every individual character.  You feel like you have engaged with the characters only after a few minutes and you are actually In The Night Garden.

In the Night Garden

The characters are amazing and the show was perfect, it is not too dark in there but a fantastic atmosphere.  The beautiful costumes bringing Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka and Upsy Daisy to life making you and your little ones want to see it again and again.  Afterwards we were lucky enough to meet Upsy Daisy. There is a little wait once everyone comes out but the girl showing you in to see her was very child friendly and really encouraged both children to relax around her.

In the Night Garden

We received a gorgeous photo of Upsy Daisy with both of the children.  There is plenty of merchandise to choose from, from balloons to bath toys.  This experience is a chance of a lifetime for little ones and our two have been talking about it non stop since.  They loved every minute from start to end, in fact our son was asking when we could go again!!  I strongly recommend a visit.

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Hobbledown Farm

Hobbledown Farm

A magical day out not far from Junction 9 on the M25. Being half term we decided to visit Hobbledown Farm for the day. We arrived at 9.30 and before we knew it, it was nearly closing time. Hobbledown Farm isn’t just a farm, it is a fantastic place to keep the little ones amused for a long time and adults too.

We started by looking at the chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits. It has been very well thought out as within the stable walls there are low down viewing windows for the children so we didn’t have to constantly lift them up and down so that they could see the animals. The animals all seemed very happy and even the guinea pigs looked quite pleased to see us.

We had a walk around and came across some interesting animals. The meerkats were by far our children’s favourite. As the children love touching the animals, we were so pleased to see the petting area where we spent a lot of time stroking the rabbits, guinea pigs and a rat! There are a lot of different unusual objects around the farm which are great to look at, it’s not every day you come across a Wicker Dragon! There is a real mystical twist there too, but I will let you go and explore for yourselves.

A huge sand play area was a real hit, there are tunnels, climbing areas and lots of buckets for the children to fill up and empty over and over again. At lunch time we went into the café area and had a delicious vegetarian wrap, we found the food to be reasonably priced and fresh. I really liked the fact that there was a large amount of tap water ready prepared in jugs which you could just help yourself to, these small touches really make your day out easy.

The Hobblings Play Barn is fantastic, this is probably the best indoor play area I have been in. It is fantastic and again, well thought out. This area is an ideal place to let the little ones let off steam on a rainy day. There is so much more at Hobbledown that we unfortunately did not have time to see, we will definitely go back to explore the Maze, jumping pillows and much much more.

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Bocketts Farm Park

Bocketts Farm Park

A real fun day out at a working farm in the heart of beautiful Surrey. Once you have paid to go in there are some ride on tractors which were so attractive to our son that I think he would have stayed and played on them all day. Where the smaller animals are kept is called the animal village and is very unique, well thought out and the children loved it. The children enjoyed being able to stroke the small animals and likewise with the big horses in the stables outside.

Bocketts Farm Park

We really enjoyed a stroll outside taking in the breath-taking views over the hills. We went in the autumn and they were growing pumpkins, our son thought this was the best thing he had ever seen and I have never seen so many bright orange pumpkins in one field. We took a picnic so unable to comment on the food, but the café looked popular. The pig races are great fun for all the family to get involved in.

Bocketts Farm Park

Our children at the time of visiting were too small to participate in riding the ponies but watching the goats being milked replaced that, our son was mesmerised. There is so much to do at this farm including an indoor play area which is fantastic for those rainy days.

Bocketts Farm Park

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