Places to visit in Hampshire

Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World

Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World Logo

As you can see from our website, we have had many days out and visited a number of theme parks.  I can honestly say Paultons Park is our favourite so far.

This beautiful setting in Hampshire really makes for an inviting place to spend a day with young children.  All the grounds are immaculately clean and I did not see one piece of litter anywhere.  We started off in Peppa Pig World as the excitement was just too much for our two little ones.  The rides are all very well closely situated and I was pleasantly surprised at the queue length compared to other theme parks.  The longest time we waited was 15 minutes and considering it was a dry day and in the school summer holidays, this was absolutely fine for our three and four year old children.

Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig World was perfect in every way and our children meeting Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig was just one of the highlights in the day.  We covered all of the rides in Peppa Pig World and we even managed to ride some of them twice which was a bonus.  The ride length was quite long and some of them had scenic views of the whole park as you are high up.

Our favourite ride was George’s Dinosaur Adventure which our daughter just giggled the whole way round.

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=JMT35KriAmo&rel=0 width=640 height=480 auto_thumb=”1″]

All the rides were spotless and I’m sure someone trims the grass to precision with nail scissors!

We took a picnic and there are plenty places to sit quietly to eat.  We chose the gardens in between Peppa Pig World and the new dinosaur themed area called the Lost Kingdom.  These gardens are so picturesque that I could have just wandered around them all day.  Nearly all the bushes are intricately carved into either shapes or animals, the final touches are just outstanding.

Peppa Pig World View

There are also few animals and birds at Paultons Park including penguins, meerkats, giant tortoises, flamingos, pelicans and a variety of birds of prey.

After our lunch we looked up and saw a life size diplodocus eating his way through the Lost Kingdom, so we headed out and were soon surrounded by his other family members.

These dinosaurs were dotted around and so intriguing, we actually felt like we had turned back the clock 65 Million Years and there we were faced with these unique creatures.  Again this part of the park is immaculate and the rides are inviting and exciting for slightly older children.  Having said that our four year old boy had a thrilling experience on the Flight of the Pterosaur ride, although not for the faint hearted.

Our daughters favourite ride was the Dino Chase which we rode numerous times.

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=UNElTHedOiE&rel=0 width=640 height=480 auto_thumb=”1″]

On every ride was a photo opportunity, but a little tip, if you want to accept the photo deal then get the photo at the booth in which it is displayed as it saves you having to go back at the end of the day.

If Dinosaurs nor Peppa Pig are for you there are still other rides to visit, The Victorian Double Decker Carousel, Wave Runner and The Tea Cup Ride just to name a few.  We only purchased ice cream and coffees but whilst in one of the restaurants the food looked delicious and prices reasonable.  I think we will be visiting Paultons Park again very soon as we all had such a fun day out.  Or perhaps we will treat ourselves to visit Father Christmas here.  (Link to book Father Christmas).

Paultons Park Map

For more information visit Paultons Park Official Website



New Forest Wildlife Park

New Forest Wildlife Park

Looking for somewhere to go in Hampshire?  We recently visited The New Forest Wildlife Park and we had a fantastic time.  Feeling like you are in the centre of a forest with huge draping trees letting in small amounts of sunlight, we looked around and found some amazing animals.


Our first encounter was watching the otters being fed.  There are viewing windows for the children but also a lot of children on parents/carers shoulders.  There was an informative talk whilst the staff fed the otters.


As it was a rather cold morning, we decided to venture into the tropical world of butterflies.  We walked around the greenhouse and as we quickly warmed up we saw some magnificent butterflies.


The children were mesmerised being so close to these butterflies.  There certainly was some vibrant colours fluttering around the plants and foliage.

To cool down again we made our way to the huge play park whilst the children had great fun on all sorts of apparatus before sitting down on benches for our picnic.  A word of advice, the only toilets within the whole area are at the start so be mindful with little ones if you are half way round like us and suddenly they need to go!! After a delicious picnic we came face to face with a bison.


These European bison do not do much but they are wonderful creatures to look at and the children enjoyed seeing them.  Just in front of them were some deer and the ranger was delivering a talk which we interestingly listened too.  Just round the corner were some owls and the children really enjoyed seeing these huge great birds.


Our daughter loved looking at the lynx as he paraded up and down.


These large cats are somewhat elegant to watch and our daughter was fascinated.  Last but not least the warthogs.  We really had a treat with their piglets looking rather young.  Our son preferred these and we spent a long time looking at them.

On our way through the forest we came across Bug-ingham Palace where we saw a few bugs.

Bug-Ingham Palace

Bug-Ingham Palace

Then to finish the day off the children had a fantastic play in the large sandpit and on the play equipment.

New Forest Wildlife Park

The New Forest Wildlife Park is a great day out for all the family.



New Forest Wildlife Park, Deerleap Lane, Longdown, Nr Ashurst, Southampton, SO40 4UH

Opening times

Open all year except 25th and 26th December

Spring/Summer  10.00am – 5.30pm
Autumn/Winter  10.00am – 4.30pm or dusk

Advised last admission is 1.5 hours before closing time

Click here to view the park map

Click here to visit the official website



Milestones is a perfect historic day out for all the family whatever the age.

Milestones Overhead

Today we decided to go back in time and wander around the historic streets of Milestones museum. We walked from street to street on cobbles whilst walking over tramlines and seeing bikes, horses and carriages.

We visited the vintage penny arcade first where the children eagerly emptied our pockets for change to change into old penny coins, then they were away.




There are numerous different old machines where you can spend your penny’s, from a Sooty show to the grand national.  Some of our favourites were the puppet shows, grab a sweet machines and some of the children’s ride on machines.

We then went to the post office where the children can get very involved in role playing. There is a large vehicle display from classic cars and motorbikes, lorries and a Romany caravan to a huge fire engine and Victorian trams, all of which are from the 1930’s and 1940’s and have been beautifully restored.

Milestones Fire Engine

Milestones Bus

There are some very well thought out room sets from the 1930’s to the 1970’s which we all found very interesting to see how people used to live.

Milestones 1930's

Milestones 1940's

Milestones 1970's

Just found the corner from these room sets is an air raid shelter.

Milestones Air raid shelter

Although our children did not really understand what it was, I felt quite emotional about what people went through during the 1st and 2nd world wars.

The children then jumped aboard the beautifully restored Leyland 1930’s bus where our son pretended to be the conductor whilst our daughter decided to “drive” the bus.  Again this bus was spotless and nothing like our buses today.  This bus would have been used a lot in World War 2 as petrol was rationed and people relied on buses to get to and from work.

Over the road from the bus is a bicycle shop where on display were some elegant Penny Farthing bikes from the 1870’s and even our 3 year old agreed that these would have taken some practice to get used to riding them.

Milestones Bicycles

Next to the bicycle shop is a 1940’s sweet shop, where we were all excited to visit.  Back in the 2nd World War where sweets were heavily rationed, only a few sweets could be bought each week.

Milestones Sweet Shop Outside

So we entered the shop with our old penny and our ration coupon where it was ticked off and then we could choose our sweets.

Milestones Ration Book

Milestones Sweet Shop Inside

The lady behind the counter dutifully weighed them out and they were placed in a paper bag for our enjoyment.

There are a variety of shops from a saddlers to a fruit and vegetable stall where we nearly mistook the pretend food for real whilst we weighed it out in role play activities.

Milestones Fruit and Veg 1

Milestones Fruit and Veg 2

Among the streets is a pub. This can’t be a working pub I told myself – I was very wrong.

Milestones Pub

The Baverstock Arms is a small traditional pub in Jubilee Street and there seemed to be a very friendly atmosphere inside. The pub serves Gales Ales, soft drinks and teas and coffees at certain times throughout the day.

I wasn’t too sure about dressing up the children in Victorian clothes but we all had great fun and it just added to the entertainment of the day.

There is an impressive area which demonstrates the working force behind a steam engine.  You can clearly see The Smoke Box And Boiler, The Rear Axle and The Cylinder and Motion Works in full flow.  We stood for a while just watching these incredible machines.

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=mlkHfPEvHCA&rel=0 width=640 height=480 auto_thumb=”1″]

We entered another area where our last mission (my husbands!) was to build the Milestones version of a Viaduct Bridge and there are foam bricks identical in shape to those of a Viaduct.

Milestones Viaduct Before

Building such a bridge is rather hard on your own but we joined forces with another family and soon we had built the perfect bridge although the children made sure it didn’t stay standing for long.

Milestones Viaduct After

Nowhere is complete without a coffee, lunch and cake and the retro café here compliments the whole atmosphere so very well.  There are plenty of toilets which are immaculate and there are lifts as an alternative to stairs.  The parking is plentiful and free.

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Marwell Zoo

We recently visited Marwell Zoo near Winchester in Hampshire.  It is very accessible for buggies throughout and even the tractor train ride has a buggy storage cart at the back.

Our children loved the Penguins as they liked the way you can see them underwater swimming as well as wandering around.  They were fascinated with the tigers, giraffes, snow leopards amongst many other very interesting animals.

Marwell Zoo

There is a lot of educational information around the zoo which enables you to learn more in depth details about the animals and their habitats.

Marwell Zoo

There are plenty of picnic benches to take your own lunch which we did. Alternatively you can purchase food at different locations throughout the zoo.  There are plenty of options including children’s lunch boxes.

All the toilets were very clean and there were plenty of baby changing units. At different locations there are play areas where they both enjoyed letting of a little steam.

A good day was had by all.

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Spinnaker Tower

When visiting Portsmouth today, I was rather dubious about taking a two and three year old to the top of the Spinnaker Tower.  It was rather cloudy when we arrived at Gunwharf Quays but by the time we had enjoyed a coffee on the sea front watching the boats, the clouds had cleared and we decided to go to the tower.

When we entered the ground level of the Spinnaker Tower, we were greeted by a very friendly man who we paid and then he gave us clear instructions where to go to get the lift up to the top.  We took the buggy with us and stood in the lift for approximately 25 seconds whilst we whizzed up to the first viewing platform at 100m (328 feet).  We were welcomed by a member of staff and then left to wander around and see the outstanding views.

The children were mesmerised, they have never been so high before and we stood watching the boats for a long time, other interesting buildings and life at ground level.

Spinnaker Tower

They then decided that they wanted to lie down to see through the viewing platforms see through floor and they thought this was great fun.

Spinnaker Tower

We let them create their own 1 penny piece to have the Spinnaker Tower imprinted on it which again was very exciting.  We then hopped back in the lift and went to the next level at 105m (344 feet) where there is a lovely café serving hot drinks and what looked like delicious cakes and pastries.  We didn’t eat there but it looked very popular indeed.

From there we decided to walk up a few steps to the last viewing area at 110m (360 feet) which was open air to see sea level from an even higher perspective.  We were lucky as the sun shone and we could see for miles.

When we finally decided to get our feet back on the ground we were kindly informed that you can return as frequently as you like on the day which you pay to enter the Spinnaker Tower.  There is a very good souvenir shop too.  We had a fantastic time and I would strongly recommend the whole experience.

Spinnaker Tower

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