Places to visit in East Sussex

Drusillas Park

Drusillas Park

We were bought tickets for Drusillas Park as a present, a fantastic idea for a fantastic day out.  Off we went to East Sussex for the day and had a super fun time at Drusillas Park.  There is something for everyone within Drusillas Park, if you are an animal lover, Hello Kitty or Thomas the Tank Engine lover with a lot in between.


There is a one way route where you walk through designated animal areas, with lots of well-kept animals.  There are a lot of different species of animals there, I think they advertise 100.  Our sons favourite were the monkeys, but there are a lot of others including penguins, meercats, red pandas, ring-tailed lemurs, sloths to name a few.


It is a fantastic idea how you walk around and see the animals, all the children get to have a look at them through the glass cages.  Our daughter was only small but loved the owl and guinea pigs too.  Upon entry to the zoo the children are issued with a stamp book which once they have seen a certain animal they can stamp their book on the appropriate page.  A great idea to encourage little ones to learn different animals names and to be interactive by stamping their books.


Upon exiting the animal area you walk into a huge play area where there is equipment for all sizes, slides, ride on animals, climbing frames and much much more.  There is a Hello Kitty Secret Garden which is really designed for girls but equally lots of boys were having fun on the rides there too. There are three different Hello Kitty Rides, we just went on the Hello Kitty Car Ride which both of our children enjoyed.  There are height restrictions on some of the rides but if your little ones are too small for the rides then they can visit Hello Kittys beautiful house and on certain days of the year you can meet her too.


Through into the farm area the children can meet various farm animals including goats and donkeys.  There is an artificial cow with a little milking stool so the little ones can explore milking (water) a cow, our son really enjoyed this and spoke about it for weeks after our visit.  These unique things just make your day really interesting. There is so much to see and do here we found it hard peeling ourselves away but our last activity was to go on the Thomas the Tank Engine Train.  We hopped aboard and off we went around some of the park, which we all had fun on.  We were not there on one of the days where you can meet The Fat Controller but I believe there are certain days where he alights the park on selected dates throughout the year.  On the route round there are some more of Thomas’ friends but I will let you find out which ones for yourselves.

As we travelled quite far on a hot day to Drusillas Park we decided to eat there and the food was very tasty, we just had pizza which we all enjoyed.  The eating facilities are very good and not too pricey, oh and we had an ice cream.  There are two shops here, one within the zoo next to the train station and one as you exit. We found the one where you exit to have more relevant gifts to our two children.

Parking is free and there is a huge car parking area.  Toilet and baby facilities were spotless and a lot of them too.  A fun, different and unique day out and we would definitely visit again.

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