The Giant Jam Sandwich, by Janet Burroway and John Vernon Lord

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The Giant Jam Sandwich

A true classic The Giant Jam Sandwich is a real favourite in our house as well as with our children’s friends.

The detailed illustrations are exceptional complimenting this jovial book.

The children laugh at the pictures as well at the words and storyline. An amusing and magnificent book for all the family.

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2 thoughts on “The Giant Jam Sandwich, by Janet Burroway and John Vernon Lord”

  1. Hi – we live in Surrey, and are intending to spend Tuesday of next week (4th August) in Windsor with our grandchildren. We want to go inside the castle and have also been told there is a Duck tour, and a pop-on, pop off bus, but don’t know where they start from. The children are aged 7 and 9. If we get there at about 11.00, can you suggest an itinerary for the day? We’ll have lunch in the shopping area – in the Cafe Rouge or somewhere. You help will be much appreciated. RAY

    1. Hi Ray,

      Thank you for taking an interest in our website and for contacting us. I am hoping that the information below will help you plan your day.

      There are two choices regarding the castle. You can either go into the castle at 9.45am, have a look round and then watch the changing of the guard inside at about 11am. You can watch the band play and this normally takes about 20 minutes. Or you could watch the soldiers march up to the castle at 10.50 and then go into the castle afterwards. You can watch them march up from Victoria Barracks, up Sheet Street and onto the High Street.

      The Windsor Duck Tour departs from opposite The Theatre Royal on Thames Street.

      Please see below the website link in case you wanted to book your tickets in advance.

      The Windsor Bus Tour departs outside the castle every 30 minutes and is well worth going on. Please see the below link to where the bus stops

      There are plenty of places to eat in addition to Café Rouge. If you are looking for café style food I would recommend Cinnamon Café which is in the Windsor Royal shopping area, or more formal dining I would recommend Bills or Carluccios. There is a large department store called Daniels which has a great toy department upstairs and a fantastic café downstairs which sells homemade pastries/breads and pizza.

      For a days itinerary I would do the following:

      9.45 visit the castle, go straight to the state apartments, Dolls house and look around the grounds.
      11.00 watch the changing of the guard
      11.20 leave the castle
      11.30 Bus Tour
      12.30 lunch
      13.50 Duck Tour

      After the duck tour, visit Daniels for a cake and a cup of tea after visiting the toy department.

      I hope this has helped you plan your day, and we hope you have a good day out in Windsor.

      Kind regards


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