Bugaboo Wheeled Board

Bugaboo Wheeled Board

The Bugaboo Wheeled Board is a great solution to strong willed little ones who don’t want to sit still in a buggy and would rather stand, look around and have the freedom to move.

The Bugaboo Wheeled Board attaches very easily on to the Bugaboo Bee, Frog, Gecko and Donkey (The Donkey does need an additional adapter). It glides along behind the buggy, but ensure that you pull up the handle to their full extent.

It only has one wheel which helps when you are going up and down curbs. My son thought this was the best thing as it is like a constant fairground ride, although as I was pushing him around I did feel rather guilty that I was expecting a lot of standing from a two year old as most children at his age are still in buggies.

I looked into this further, surely there was a solution out there somewhere. Ah ha, there it was, The Twoo!

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