A very easy but effective Dragon

All you will need is:

1 x toilet roll
Red paint
2 x large Pom poms
2 x small Pom poms
2 x eyes
Crepe or thin paper


Note – Photograph shows double the number of items required as both my little boy and girl made one each.



1. Paint the toilet rolls red and leave to dry

2. Cut the crepe paper into long strips

3. Glue the inside of the toilet roll and place the crepe paper in to stick on the inside of the toilet roll

4. Glue the eyes on to the large Pom poms and glue onto the toilet roll

5. Glue the small Pom poms on the other end as nostrils

Once totally dry, let your little ones blow through the end and watch the crepe paper blow out like fire.

If your children like The Room on the Broom then this is an ideal thing to make and then use when reading the book.