Little Tikes Town Playhouse

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Little Tikes Town Playhouse

This Little Tikes Town Playhouse really does stretch little ones imagination.  Not only is it a play house but there are many other features too.  Our son’s favourite is the sports zone which includes a football goal and basketball ring, so this saves you having to buy these as additional toys.

Our daughter’s favourite is just being in the house and running her shop.  Little Tikes have included a cash machine within the house and she stands by the serving hatch telling us what we can buy!!  Also her shop sells petrol, so my son regularly pulls up in his police car to fill it up before driving off, although he does have to give her a few pennies for this service.  We got this last April and my husband assembled it on his own with not to many hitches, to look at it now it looks like we only assembled it yesterday.

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