The Lookout Discovery Centre

Whether it be a cold, wet or a sunny day, The Lookout Discovery Centre in Bracknell is a fantastic, fun but educational day out.

We have been before but now our two children are slightly older we found that they were engaged in many of the activities.  There is a huge Build It play construction area where a lot of children were enjoying building anything from houses to putting slates on roofs to even practising their finer architect skills by creating their own design for a house.  Even though we went at a weekend there were a huge amount of bricks and plenty to share.

The Lookout 1

Just around the corner it is time to lift off! You can launch a hydrogen rocket high up or send a huge hot air balloon skyward. Our children were mesmerised by the inflatable planet earth suspended mid-air by the Bernoulli blower.

The Lookout 7

There is a large water area “The Stream” where the children can put on waterproof aprons and play with the boats with pretend locks and running water.

The Lookout 2

The mini supermarket is very popular with the children, role plays with pretend food and money encourages social skills as well as early mathematics and learning to take turns.

The Lookout 9

There is a human body jigsaw which our two were very interested in, even though they are young.

The Lookout 5

The light and colour zone again is very interactive with the colourful Optimusic encourage the children to step on the colour beams as fast as they can. Or capture your silhouette in the shadow box or play a tune with laser beams.

The Lookout 8

Not everywhere has a colony of leaf cutter ants.  We were mesmerised by them and I could have watched them for hours. There is also a facility to zoom in too and watch them close up.

Outside there is a huge wooden play area where on a dry day the children could play for hours.

The café is good and serves hot food as well as cold.  You could make a day of it at The Lookout and take a picnic first in the woodland picnic area.

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