Marwell Zoo

We recently visited Marwell Zoo near Winchester in Hampshire.  It is very accessible for buggies throughout and even the tractor train ride has a buggy storage cart at the back.

Our children loved the Penguins as they liked the way you can see them underwater swimming as well as wandering around.  They were fascinated with the tigers, giraffes, snow leopards amongst many other very interesting animals.

Marwell Zoo

There is a lot of educational information around the zoo which enables you to learn more in depth details about the animals and their habitats.

Marwell Zoo

There are plenty of picnic benches to take your own lunch which we did. Alternatively you can purchase food at different locations throughout the zoo.  There are plenty of options including children’s lunch boxes.

All the toilets were very clean and there were plenty of baby changing units. At different locations there are play areas where they both enjoyed letting of a little steam.

A good day was had by all.

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