Science Museum

We have visited the London Science Museum on a few occasions with our children and it never fails to excite them.  It’s a fantastic day out for all ages and our two are engrossed from the minute we walk in and they do not want to leave.

Science Museum Steam Engine

Their favourite floor is the basement where there is an assortment of interactive activities.  There are a huge amount of large building blocks like Lego where the children can use their imagination to build anything from a garden wall to a space rocket.  Next to the building area is a climbing frame but with buckets on ropes where the children can pull up the numerous amount of small beans bags, run to the other side and post them down the shoots to the eagerly waiting children to out in their wheelbarrows and take to the other side.  Our son would play on this all day given the chance.  A huge water system attracts a lot of the children and fear not there is protective clothing for them to wear.  This is a very popular activity. There are many different areas which attract all ages.

Science Museum Transportation

Another favourite area of ours is the Space section.  The whole area is bursting with information and there’s nothing quite like putting on astronaut gloves and trying to put a bolt on a screw.

Science Museum Rocket

Science Museum

During our recent visit we explored a floor we have not been to before where there’s a large area of interactive games for the children. Their favourite part of this floor was being able to create a symmetrical design which projects on to the wall and we could have stayed just in this section all day.

There is a lovely café at the Science Museum which serves great coffee and of course cake and in the basement there’s a huge picnic area where you can eat your lunch if you choose to take your own.

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