Neither my husband nor I have visited Chessington for at least twenty years. To say it’s changed is an understatement and we all had such a fun day!

Chessington is perfect for all ages and they are one step ahead with free Wi-Fi (a very good signal) throughout the whole of the adventure park.  There are plenty of thrill seeker rides for the older children and I must admit that I went weak at the knees just looking at them.

Needless to say that my favourite ride is Bubble Works (our children thought it was really fun too).  After many years, the bubble tubs are the same with the magic still there with all the water features. Just remember to take a plastic bag to sit on as the seats can be rather wet.

Bubble Works

Chessington offers a lot for all ages and the zoo area is well worth visiting.  We spent a lot of time wandering around looking at animals.  There are plenty to see and our children thy were fascinated looking at the lions, tigers, gorillas and porcupines.




My son and husband had a great time on the Zufari.  A great way to explore Africa without stepping on a plane!!  They saw the pink flamingos, ostriches, giraffes and many more.


Our son thought it was so good that he begged us to go on again.  Within “Africa” we went on Toadies Cars where the children steered the cars round the scene of Toadies Garden which was great fun for us all.


There is the large aquarium and again some fantastic sea life to observe.  The children love looking at fish and we were impressed at how big it is.


We visited The Vampires Burger Kitchen for lunch which was quick and easy.  The food was good and the restaurant exceptionally clean.  For pudding we visited the rather large sweet shop in The Market Square where we over indulged in many different sweets from the huge selection.

We all had a fantastic day at Chessington and will be returning very soon.

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